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  • The HunnyBunny BuggyWrap is a uniquely styled wrap, with  universal openings allowing for the wrap to be fitted into ALL buggies and ALL car seats.

  • Unlike a loose blanket, the BuggyWrap won't fall from your buggy and get lost.

  • Wrap your newborn snugly or loosely for efficient temperature control.

  • 'Tags' are added for little ones to stroke and play with. These tags can also be used to attach toys or dummies.

  • Thick coats worn in a car seat effect the efficiency of the safety harness. A BuggyWrap kept in your car seat keeps your little one warm, cosy and held safely in place by the harness, without the need of a coat.The BuggyWrap can then easily be  opened to prevent overheating when the car warms up.

  • The open wrap styling allows for older children to still use the wrap, with the advantage that their feet are not inside a 'bag', so wet or muddy shoes need not be removed.

  • Add a matching mini taggie comforter to your order for just £6.00 extra


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